Ready for Clean & Simple Card Making 2 Online Class!

CS2_participantRoughly a year after my foray into mixed media and paper crafting, it is official: I have been bitten by the card making bug. Tomorrow is the first class for Clean & Simple Card Making 2, offered by Online Card Classes. I can’t wait!

In fact, the online class is one of the main reasons I’m starting this blog. Not only is it an online record of my paper crafting adventures, but it is also a way for me to post my “homework” assignments to the online forum during the class.

As a relative newbie to the paper crafting field, I have no illusions of being an expert card maker. I’m still learning the basics and rely heavily on examples from others to spur my creativity. So don’t expect any Picasso creations here.

But maybe, just maybe, my hit-or-miss card explorations will serve as inspiration to others out there in cyber land who also are learning.

Then again, aren’t we all?


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