Clean & Simple Card Making Day 2: One Layer Cards

The title of this class is a little deceptive: One Layer Cards. Sounds easy, doesn’t it? Not so much. At least for me!

The idea behind a one layer card is to create only one layer, usually out of ink and stamps, to make a simple card. As I found out, you have to be super careful to create that one layer of design without any errors. And when you deal with ink, there is a lot of potential for error. Ink smudges. It smears.

And it doesn’t always make an even, consistent image each time you stamp it.

Day 2 card version 1

First try – uneven stamping.

Check out my first photo for an example. It’s almost passable, but see how the sentiment is uneven? I just couldn’t let that go, especially in a class called “Clean and Simple Card Making 2.” Uneven stamping does not make for a “clean” card. So I tried to correct the sentiment by carefully tracing it over with a fine-tipped black marker. I had hoped to “even it out.” The result?

Day 2 card version 2

Second try – sentiment looks worse!

See my second photo. It looks worse, doesn’t it? I was faced with throwing this card away or giving it to my Mom after convincing myself (and her) that the uneven stamping gave it a more, “Look, Ma!” homemade kind of look.

Or I could salvage it in a different way that most cardmakers use: Cover it up!

Day 2 card version 3

My third try – and final result.

See my last photo. Definitely a more appealing result. But now it’s not a one-layer card. It’s two!

Oh, well. I guess I didn’t earn an “A” for this assignment as I didn’t exactly follow directions.

But at least I have a pretty card to give my Mom for Valentine’s Day. I think she’ll like it!

P.S. Just so you know, I did practice my stamping a few times on scrap paper. I experimented with dye and pigment black inks and a stamp press. I thought I knew what I was doing, but I must not have pressed it down evenly. I think I will get better at it with more practice!

P.P.S. One more lesson? Don’t use gobs of Glossy Accents (see the black and white circle to the left of the heart). It takes forever to dry!


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